Anne Kimball

Anne Kimball, in the words of Credence, was born on the bayou. Well, Baton Rouge, close enough. By the time she entered Catholic School, she had traded her southern roots for her yankee ones, and she spent the rest of her growin’ up years in New Jersey. Her parents split, Catholic school turned to public, and she and her brother and sisters were indoctrinated into the world of Gov’mint Cheese.

She went to college to study something that was not writing, because who ever thought she’d be a writer? She married her high school sweetheart, and proceeded to bring home the bacon while he studied his way through medical school. They moved out to the country, where they started a family. After three kids the old fashioned way, they (meaning she) decided adoption would be a good idea, so they traveled to Kazakhstan to bring home their daughter. While they were there, they met a boy. Five years later, they went back to adopt him, along with his little sister, bringing their child tally to six. Just for the fun of it, she added a few dozen animals to their farm so she could add mucking and worming to her to-do list. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

In learning the ins and outs of issues including adoption, attachment, post-traumatic stress, learning disabilities, and yes, farming, Anne turned to writing to vent and learn through the world of blogging and listservs and forums. After seeing her essays in print in magazines such as Country, Adoption Today, and Adoptive Families, she set her sights on something bigger, and proceeded to write a book. Kimball’s memoir Children of My Own: Bringing Borya Home, is complete, and she is currently seeking representation.Anne Kimball

Anne can be found at all the usual on-line places:
Facebook: Anne Kimball
Twitter: @AnneKimballHome
Blog: Life on the Funny Farm

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